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Svalbard is known as a cold and dark wilderness far North, where life is tough. Polar bears and northern lights, tundra, glaciers and reindeer are probably what most people think of when thinking of Svalbard.


But there is also another world up there – the world under water. That world is poorly known, and most people are probably not aware  that it is packed with life down there, quite the opposite of the Arctic tundra.


The aim of the “Svalbard under vann” project was to give a taste of the fantastic world under water in the Arctic to those that are not so lucky as to experience it themselves. Another objective was to investigate the occurrence of trash on the seaflor in the area around Longyearbyen.


The project was carried out with support from the Svalbard environmental protection fund (Svalbards miljøvernfond), which is mainly financed by en environmental fee that all travellers to Svalbard pay via their flight- or cruise tickets (150 NOK per 2012). Some other fees and duties are also used as a source of financing of the fund. It is an “open” fund which everyone can apply to, to get their environmentally (in the broadest sense) oriented projects funded. Because of that, relevant projects might be as diverse  as a school class preparing an exhibition on Svalbard's insects and a large research project looking into effects of invasive plant species carried onto Svalbard as seeds under the shoes of tourists.


“SUV” has collected footage from the underwater world during several years from many different localities. Both SD and HD diving video cameras were used, as well as a small portable remotely operated vehicle (ROV – see the gallery on this homepage). The project has been a cooperation between Longyearbyen diving club (Longyearbyen Dykkerklubb) and the University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS), project leader and contact person is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


The result of more than 30 hours of raw material from under water is this 25 min composition. The film is published under the open “Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-ShareAlike 3.0” licence (CC-NC-SA 3.0). The music used is published under the same licence and obtained from, which is also the hosting platform for this film.

The project and the short film are now finished. Comments are of course still welcome, and small details will be changed here and there.




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